Terms of use

You are currently connected to the www.amplement.com site. The use of this site is subject to compliance with applicable laws and the terms of use of the site.

The terms of use of the site are designed to provide all the conditions of access and use of the services offered on the site www.amplement.com.

Consultation of the broadcast content, the use of the services (public profile, private profile , search engines, relationships between members, personal networking, applications, job offers...) and tools, registration and management of a user account imply that the user has acknowledged the present conditions of use and legal notices and has accepted them without reserve and will comply no matter what.

If necessary, the user could be asked to leave the site www.amplement.com immediately.

SECTION - ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS These Terms of Use (hereinafter "Terms of Use") are intended to define the contractual relationship between the company AMPLEMENT (hereinafter "AMPLEMENT) and the User (hereinafter "Users") and conditions applicable to any use of the site www.amplement.fr, whether the User is a natural person or a legal person.

. AMPLEMENT reserves the right to modify at any time all or part of its conditions of use. It is therefore for regularly consult the latest version of the User Conditions of Use posted on the site (accessible site on the bottom of every page). The User is deemed to accept this latest version with each new connection to the site.

User declares and acknowledges having read all the terms of these Terms of Use. In addition, the connection to one of the services offered at www.amplement.fr constitute full acceptance by the User of these Terms of Use.

In case of non-compliance or disagreement of these Terms of Use by the User that the substance used is a free or paid service AMPLEMENT invites him to leave the site immediately and reserves the right to deny access to the service.


AMPLEMENT offers the user the following services accessible via the website www.amplement.com :

-The creation of a user account,
- the creation and display of a public profile,
-the creation and display of a private profile,
connecting with other users,
management of user invitations,
the display of statistics,
the management of private messages,
management of sent or received applications,
management of reviews and notes,
management of favorite ads ,
management job offers,
The display of job postings and internships,
personal image management on different profiles,
as well as all other services available on www.amplement.com.

2.1 Free & paid services < / span>< /p>

except for the service of "put forward" (allowing recruiters to stand out on all pages of the site), all the services offered by Amplement are completely free and without any commercial objective.

For recruiters, job and internship ads are free and unlimited.


3.1. Open an account - Identification - proof - exchange of information

step 1: the user creates his account by entering the information requested in each field. Once all of the fields are completed and verified by the system, it can be validated by clicking on "validate your registration”.

STEP 2: the user is notified by a message on the screen that the registration was saved and that an email had been sent to the address indicated. This process is designed to check the entered information, to ensure the existence of the email indicated and to avoid registrations performed by robots. For recruiters, consultant validates registration in order to verify the validity of indicated elements and the actual status of this recruiter.

STEP 3: the user is automatically logged in to his personal account.

Upon creation of the account with the procedure described above, the user will be able to login to their account using the email and password (hereinafter referred to as "identifiers") that he would have chosen.

Confidentiality of the identifiers.

The identifiers are personal and confidential. The user can only change the information concerning himself, including his username or password.

The deletion of an account can be done by the user directly from the AMPLEMENT account on the 'Preferences' page.

The user is solely and entirely responsible for the use of identifiers and undertakes to make every effort to keep his credentials secret and to not disclose them to anyone, in any form whatsoever.

In case of Loss or theft of one of the identifiers, the user is responsible for any harmful consequences of this loss or theft, and should use, as soon as possible, the procedure to modify them. If the procedure is not successful, the user must notify in the shortest delay possible AMPLEMENT, who will carry out the destruction of the existing account and create a new account.

Convention on the evidence

the parties expressly agree that:

• the presence of an identification code validly identifies the author of a document or message and establishes the authenticity of the document or message,

• an electronic document containing an identification code is equivalent to a signed document by the issuing person ,

• the parties may avail themselves of printing on paper of an e-mail message from an electronic messaging software to prove the content of the Exchange they have regarding the execution of the present general conditions.

Exchange of information

Information for the user can be addressed by e-mail, as soon as he has forwarded his e-mail address.

SECTION 4 - liability of the user

AMPLEMENT offers the establishment of a private and public profile for each user. AMPLEMENT does not modify nor tests prior to diffusion. The User is solely responsible for what he posts! The User is the editor and the Publisher of the content of the services that he uses on the site www.amplement.com. By using these services or those not listed but available from the www.amplement.com website, The User declares to be solely responsible for what he has written and guarantees that all information or content that is written or indicated is true, affects The User personally and not a third party, and is sincere. The User is the sole and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights related to these contents (images, pictures, logos...) and in the case that he is not The User certifies that he has acquired all authorizations, licenses, concessions necessary for their use on behalf of all the authors or rights holders. Furthermore, The User certifies that he doesn’t infringe on any third party rights whatsoever and that all that concerns him is lawful.

AMPLEMENT cannot be held responsible for the content that The User inserts in all the services it offers. The user is the only and sole responsible party. Where The User uses corporate logos, he warrants that he has obtained the authorization of disclosure from the person in charge of the company or licensee of the logo. AMPLEMENT cannot be held responsible for the Visual identities of the businesses or companies listed on its services online.

The User declares and expressly warrants to AMPLEMENT that the content he uses is strictly personal and that it is lawful and complies with the Amplement’s objectives, are not violations of public order, and that they do not contravene any legal rule of the French law.

Amplement reserves the right at any time to suspend or delete the dubious account for not complying with these terms and conditions.

SECTION 5 - responsibility of the recruiter user

Amplement offers several services such as the filing of ads, company file, or access to the CV database. AMPLEMENT does not moderate nor does any prior checking of any kind. The recruiter user is solely responsible for what he posts! He is the editor and the Publisher of the content of the services which he uses on the site www.amplement.com. By using these services or those not listed but available from the www.amplement.com website, The recruiter user declares to be solely responsible for what he has written and guarantees that all information or content that is written or indicated is true, affects the recruiter user personally and not a third party, and is sincere.

The recruiter user is the sole and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights related to these contents (images, pictures, logos...) and in the case that he is not The recruiter user certifies that he has acquired all authorizations, licenses, concessions necessary for their use on behalf of all the authors or rights holders. Furthermore, The recruiter user certifies that he doesn’t infringe on any third party rights whatsoever and that all that concerns him is lawful.

Below, is the reminder of the legal supervision of the content of the ads for jobs or internships. The recruiter User confirms his liability by placing his ads. AMPLEMENT cannot be held responsible for the content of these ads. Respect the law!

5.1.1 discriminatory provisions: generality

Any person who submits an offer of employment on condition based on origin, sex, family, morals, membership (or non-membership) status to an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a determined religion, is subject to imprisonment of two years and a fine of EUR 30,000 articles 225-1-225-3 of the Criminal Code.

5.1.2 the provisions relating to maximum age limits

It is forbidden to mention a maximum age limit for candidate recruitment. However, this prohibition does not concern offers which set age requirements due to impositions by laws and regulations. s article L.311 - 4 of the Labour Code.

On the other hand, a minimum age limit can be mentioned for jobs that cannot legally be kept below a certain age (drivers, dangerous work...) or for jobs that the company feel cannot be entrusted to very young employees.

5.1.3 provisions relating to sex or family of the candidate status

Unless the belonging to one or the other sex is the determining factor for the exercise of employment (cf. article R.123 - 1 of the Labour Code: artists called upon to interpret either an actress or a masculine role models loaded to clothing and accessories, male and female models), it is forbidden to mention in a job offer, and regardless of the character of the contract of work envisaged sex or family of the desired candidate status. s article L.123 - 1 of the Labour Code.

Circular of 2 May 1984, published in the Official Gazette of 7 June 1984, made a few recommendations on this subject:-where the offer concerning a job there is a masculine and feminine name, mention the two genera (employee (e) for example).-when the description of the job is masculine or feminine, you can for example mention that employment is available to applicants of both sexes (ex (: framework H/F) or even use neutral words such as "person in charge of...".

5.1.4 the provisions relating to the information contained in the job offer

It is forbidden to insert into the announcement "false or likely to mislead allegations" and bearing in particular :- existence, the nature and description of employment or labour for free at home - remuneration and extra benefits; - instead of work. s article L.311 - 4 of the Labour Code

5.1.5 the provisions relating to the drafting of job in French

It is forbidden to publish in a newspaper, magazine or periodical offers of employment or work at home with a text written in a foreign language, or containing foreign words, or of foreign expressions. This prohibition applies to tenders published in newspapers, journals or periodicals concerning services to be performed on the French territory, whatever the nationality of the offeror or the employer as well as the services to be performed outside the territory if the offeror or the employer is French. Notwithstanding, are not subject to this prohibition:-documents received from abroad or intended for persons of foreign nationality; -offers of employment or work to run outside the French territory, when the author or employer are foreign; offers of employment or work inserted in written publications, in whole or in part, foreign language. s circular of 19 March 1996, published in the OJ of March 20, 1996.

When the employment or offered work can be designated by a foreign term without corresponding to any French word, the French text should be sufficiently detailed as to not mislead.

These prohibitions apply to offers running on the national territory and those running abroad when their author or the employer is French. However, writing in a foreign language is permitted in written publications, wholly or partially, in that language. s article L.311 - 4 of the Labor Code.

5.1.6 the special provisions relating to temporary work

jobs from companies of temporary work must expressly mention the name of these companies and their nature of temporary work. s article L.311 - 4, paragraph 6, of the Labor Code.

5.1.7 the provisions relating to the protection of service offerings on employment and careers

It is forbidden to publish in a newspaper, magazine or periodical, or disseminate by any other means of communication available to the public, a range of services relating to jobs and careers, including false allegations which are likely to mislead, especially on the free nature of the said service. s article L.311 - 4-1 of the Labour Code.

SECTION 6 - limitation of liability - guaranteed

6.1 operation of the network

Amplement offers no guarantee of continuity of service, being held in this regard by an obligation of means; it shall not be held liable for an injury resulting from the use of the Internet such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, rupture of the service, possible fraudulent use of credit card or other involuntary problems.

AMPLEMENT cannot be held liable for damages related to the temporary inability to access one of the services offered by the website www.amplement.com

6.2. Changes to the site

all the information contained on the Web site www.amplement.com are subject to change at any time, taking into account the interactivity of the site, without that it may engage the responsibility of AMPLEMENT.

6.3 Disclaimer of AMPLEMENT and guarantees the user

Amplement accepts no liability for any damage or loss related to the use or inability to use the website www.amplement.com or its content, except as provided by law. AMPLEMENT does not guarantee that the information presented is detailed, complete, verified or accurate.

Amplement declines any responsibility on the content of the ads and the authenticity of the data it contains.

The user declares that he knows perfectly the nature and constraints of the Internet. Particularly, it recognizes that it is impossible to guarantee that the data that the user will be transmitted via the Internet will be completely secure. AMPLEMENT cannot be held responsible for the incidents that may arise from this transmission.

The user therefore communicates them at his peril. AMPLEMENT can only assure that they will use all means at their disposal to ensure maximum security.

The user agrees to indemnify fully in the amount of the costs that should AMPLEMENT bear as a result of any claim or dispute, judicial or extrajudicial related to the use of those services defined in article 2 hereof by the user and ensures AMPLEMENT any conviction as such in the event of legal proceedings.


The user commits, within the first use of services, to transmit all the information, including administrative, necessary for its identification and qualification, for opening an account.

In General, the user commits to:

meet legal, regulatory, conventional requirements as well as the uses and practice to which it is subject; - respect all the legal and regulatory requirements relating to data processing, files and freedoms, and, to this end, to make any request for authorization or any helpful statement of automated processing to the National Commission for computing and liberties (C.N.I.L.) or any administrative authority that would replace them. -to not submit, copy, resell or make available in any form whatsoever any information received from AMPLEMENT to another person or entity.

SECTION 8 – punishment for breaches of contracts

in the event of a breach by the user of one of the obligations laid down in these general conditions, AMPLEMENT will be able, after sending a warning e-mail to comply with the general terms of these terms and conditions and in which the breaches have not been rectified within 72 hours of the sending of the e-mail message, to deny access to the service. The user cannot claim any refund or reduction in prices as such.

Section 9 - intellectual property

All elements of the site, content and information of the www.amplement.com site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of AMPLEMENT.

The rights granted to the user for the use of the www.amplement.com site and services provided by AMPLEMENT does not entail any assignment or authorization to operate or use one or any of the elements of the website www.amplement.com.

No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use in any way whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site Whether the software, Visual or sound.

Any simple link or by hypertext is strictly forbidden without a prior written consent by AMPLEMENT.

SECTION 10 – personal data

In accordance with the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms of January 6, 1978, AMPLEMENT will process personal data as declared on the website www.amplement.com with the National Commission of data processing and freedoms (CNIL) Web site is registered under the n ° 1480814.

Collection of personal data does not reveal, directly or indirectly, ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious opinions or trade union membership of persons or data to health or sex life.

The user data is collected and treated fairly and lawfully without later being processed in a way that is incompatible with those purposes, in a form which permits identification of the persons concerned for a period exceeding the time necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and processed for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.

The personal data is subject to processing operations by a subcontractor or a person acting under the authority of the responsible party for the treatment or the subcontractor, only on instructions from a responsible party within AMPLEMENT.

The user is informed by the terms of use that personal data reported as being mandatory on forms and collected as part of the services as defined in article 2 of these terms of use are necessary to the use of these services, used only in the context of this service and intended exclusively for AMPLEMENT, which takes measures to preserve precautions , to the extent possible, the security of the data.

The user enjoys, in addition, at any time a right of access and rectification of these data it can exercise by sending a message using the contact at the bottom of the site.

The user acknowledges having been notified that one or more cookies may be installed on the hard drive of his computer, this for the single purpose of record information about navigation on the www.amplement.com site to facilitate navigation on the site by memorizing certain parameters. The customer acknowledges being informed that his browser to oppose the registration of cookies.

ARTICLE 11 – APPLICABLE - law language of contract - dispute resolution

The present Conditions of use and all documents or acts arising therefrom are subject to French law. When drafting these Conditions of use in several languages or translation, only the French version shall prevail.

Any dispute or any dispute that might lead the present terms of use, both for their validity, their interpretation, or their execution will be brought before the Tribunal de Commerce de VERSAILLES even in case of plurality of defendants or guarantors.

In the case where one of the clauses of this contract would be null and void by a change in legislation, regulations or by a court decision, this situation cannot in any way affect the validity and compliance with these terms of use.